Hiroshima Teppan Bar Hiroshima Teppan Bar

Major local brands of 3meats

The northern part of the prefectur, surrounded by the Chugoku Mountains, and the southern part of the prefecture, blessed with a mild climate, have both been centers for raising livestock for over a number of generations. Many of the farmers in this area have been recognized with national awards.

  • Hiroshima Beef Steak

    Hiroshima Beef Steak

    Ultimate quality (A4 or higher) nurtured through history,passion,and technology

  • Geihoku Kogen Pork Steak

    Geihoku Kogen Pork Steak

    Delicious flavor!! High-quality pork produced in the highlands of Hiroshima

  • Hiroshima Red Chicken

    Hiroshima Red Chicken

    Perfect texture!! Hiroshima's first chicken brand

Hiroshima Teppan Bar Gourmet Campaign

Campaign Detail
Enjoy Teppanyaki in Hiroshima!

Enjoy a special selection of local okonomiyaki and teppan cuisine for a limited time at 77
restaurants in and around Hiroshima City. Look for the banners at participating locations!
Some restaurants also offer coupons that you can redeem for discounts.

Using this Pamphlet

These are limited-time offers. Be sure to check availability and other details in advance.

* Prices include tax.
* All information is current as of Mar. 15, 2019.

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Outside of Hiroshima City


Special Hiroshima Beef Steak
1836 yen

+ 1500 yen for 2-hour all-you-can-drink service for 2 or more


4th Floor, Gourmet Town, 1-16-1 Inokuchi-myojin, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima


Hours: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm (L.O. at 9:00 pm)
Closed: Open everyday

  • Accepted
  • Use the Tenmaya parking area

Access: 4-minute walk from JR Shin-Inokuchi Station


1 FREE Soft Drink
Valid for all members of your group.

Teppan Izakaya KANPAI

Okonomi Oysters with Hiroshima Lemon Pie
or Hiroshima Lemon Squash
1290 yen

Teppan Izakaya KANPAI

2-13-13 Kusatsushinmachi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima


Hours: 5:30 am to 11:00 pm
(L.O. at 10:30 pm)
Closed: Sundays

  • Not accepted
  • No

Access: 5-minute walk from JR Shin-Inokuchi Station

Yakiniku Tecchan

Special Teppan Bar Menu Selection :
Grilled Hormone (incl. beer)

+ 1620 yen for 90-minute all-you-can-drink service

Yakiniku Tecchan

3-23 Aosaki-minami, Fuchu-cho, Aki-gun


Hours: 11:30 am to 1:30 pm (L.O. at 1:00 pm)
5:00 pm to 10:30 pm (L.O. at 10:15 pm)
Closed: Mondays

  • Accepted
  • 2 spaces

Access: 3-minute walk from JR Mukainada Station

Hiroshima City Public Transportation Guide

Hiroshima City Public Transportation Guide

The streetcars are convenient for traveling around Hiroshima City!

The streetcars are a perfect way to get around Hiroshima. They start in front of Hiroshima Station, and run frequently.
For the city lines, there is a flat fare of 180 yen, or 90 yen for children. (The shorter Hakushima Line has a flat fare of 130 yen, or 70 yen for children.)
The streetcars run at about 10-minute intervals on most of these lines.
The Miyajima Line connects the stations from Hiroden-nishi-hiroshima to Hiroden-miyajima-guchi. The streetcars run at about 7 to 9-minute intervals throughout the day. The ride from Hiroden-miyajima-guchi to Hiroshima Station takes about 1 hour, and the fare is 280 yen.

Discount Ticket Information

  • ◎1 Day Streetcar Pass: 600 yen for adults, 300 yen for children. With this pass, you can ride all Hiroden streetcar lines (including the Miyajima Line) as many times as you like for 1 day. They are available at the Streetcar Information Desk at Hiroshima Station, and other locations.
  • ◎1 Day Streetcar and Ferry Pass: 840 yen for adults, 420 yen for children. This is an 80 yen discount on the round-trip fare between Hiroshima Station and Miyajima. With this pass, you can ride all Hiroden streetcar lines and the Miyajima Matsudai Kisen Ferry as many times as you like for 1 day. Note that this pass cannot be used for the JR Miyajima Ferry.

Hiroshima Electric Railway (Train Telephone Center)

Hiroshima Electric Railway